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Your Finance: Making The Most Of The Present And Future Economy

It’s old and frankly depressing news that the UK and in fact the world is still in recession and we’re bored and even somewhat immune to hearing about it. However finally, reticently, faintly…we are hearing more positive news about better times to come seeping through popular media channels. Could our financial situation finally be on the brink of an upturn?

Personal Finances
When it comes to personal finances you’d be hard pushed to find someone who isn’t bored to tears whenever anyone mentions pensions, interest rates and tax legislations. Those of us that fit in this bracket work as teachers, managers and executives…for the minority that enjoy the incessant number crunching though – these turn out to be financial planners, and my family is full of them!

Charts and FiguresThe Dark Side
Although finance is an extremely heavily (and quite rightly so) regulated industry, unfortunately there are still scammers out there – they fake qualifications, rip you off and unfairly acquire some of your hard-earned wealth as a result. Although the punishments are severe, proving the perpetrators guilt is no easy task and so we have to take on some of the responsibility ourselves by doing our research when we elect a financial planner.

The Best of The Best
For this reason therefore, with a slightly more optimistic economical situation on the horizon individuals are looking to be sensible with their money, but fumbling around the internet or Friends Provident website to locate the most suitable ISA deal for your situation is not ideal – so people turn to financial planners, and when looking for one better than that, chartered financial planners.

As mentioned above there are scammers around and with the economy still unpredictable and tough to read, it’s important to find a financial planner that you trust. For this reason more and more individuals and couples are looking to source financial advice from chartered financial planners, this is a UK qualification administered by UK governing body, the CII.

What Chartered Financial Planning Means
“By opting to seek advice from a Chartered Financial Planning firm you are ensuring the most qualified professionals and the best advice. Having Chartered Financial Planners status is the “gold standard” of excellence and integrity around the country and a qualification only 400 firms have achieved to date.

The process to becoming Chartered is a long one, and demonstrates professional commitment to providing the best advice to clients. By using a Chartered firm you are ensuring that the advice you receive is from professionals that have proven their knowledge and are at the highest industry level”.

The above is quoted from a Chartered firm’s financial website. The qualification is so tough it takes several years to achieve and so is an absolutely bullet proof way of ensuring you’re seeking advice from the best on your pension, tax situation or savings options, additionally if a firm claims it’s chartered you can check with the CII yourself as an extra precaution.

The BBC recently reported that the majority of consumers asked in a survey that they conducted believed and were fairly confident that the UK economy would improve soon. This is perhaps an indication and certainly a reason to start being smarter with money to make the best of this most powerful bargaining tool of the UK economy…consumer confidence.

Secondly, get advice from the best – don’t be afraid to ASK chartered financial planners what their accreditations and qualifications are – remember they’ll only get defensive and cagey if there’s something to hide, and if you’d rather be safe than sorry go for the gold standard and receive advice from a Chartered financial planning firm.

Emma is tired of all the negative press our economy is getting and is looking forward to the good times! She’s has been to a Chartered firm of Financial Planners – The Financial Planning Partners Ltd. before and recommends them for securing a financial future.

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