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Children and Money -Top Budgeting Areas your Family needs to focus on

Budgeting is a critical exercise for the entire family especially for families with children. Having children can often throw your usual budget plans out of order so it is imperative that you involve your children while making budgeting decisions.

Perhaps nothing handles more economic interactions with many home owners than the family budget. Knowing how to distribute and allocate money on household expenses is one of the most rewarding things you can do. And needless to say, this forms the basis of our discussion.


Exploring the Scope of Budgeting Areas to Focus on

When it comes to exploring the scope of budgeting areas to focus on, an important component in our discussion would be your kids and money, and how the two can be leveraged to arrive at the best of family spending and overall family budget. Indeed, having children is not an inexpensive endeavor, and most times, they will account for the lion’s share of your home budget.

Utility costs will be expected to shoot sharply and hence the need to outsource well streamed out strategies. This being the core area to focus on, utility bills will come in a wide array of types including but not limited to telephone calls, gas, electricity, mailing, internet connectivity, swimming pool maintenance costs, repairs, water and the list is endless. And indeed, this should not cost you more than 2-10 percent of your basic income.

Grocery and personal items fall as our next area to focus on. Personal items prevail in forms such as beauty products, salon, barber among many others. You can engage your children earlier in this process and have them contribute ideas and sourcing strategies since such expenses are more connected to them than any member of the family. However, if you find yourself leaning so much on these margins, you can as well reduce other expenses like entertainment and dining costs.

Savings, debt as well as miscellaneous have made a comeback with a notorious stunt and especially to current generation families. As credit companies and banks struggle to retain their presence and fight for their existence in both residential, business and commercial premises, you should remain vigil. What do I mean? Well, your debt should not be more than 10 percent of your income and it should involve credit payments, mortgage loans, student loans and many others. Monthly savings should be your number one priority and although it is done in close bounds with such financial institutions, a high sensitivity of the nature of charged interests, rates and penalties should be paid.

Insurance and transportation is another scope of top budgeting areas your family should look on.Basically, transportation will include the cost of flying, the cost of automotive gas, oil charges, fuel and many others hence a great determinant of family budget. And for insurance, it will come in forms of auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance and house insurance. Therefore, a better way to reward your family expense chart will include looking on how you can leverage such costs so as to arrive at long-term savings. Similarly, the two can be treated as one and particularly as you re-think your approach to deliver the best family expenditure.

Finally, developing guideline percentages of your family’s salary is critical to your budget. This will give you a competitive spending feat on what is needed as opposed to going abroad on the allocated expenses for particular categories. Needless to say, listing out some variable and fixed family expenses and identifying such family spending areas will definitely be a proactive step towards family progress and prosperity.

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  • http://modestmoney.com Simon @ Modest Money

    This post is a stark reminder that well, families are expensive and I think one ought to factor this in as soon as they decide to start a family. As you point out though, with a keen focus on the budget there are savings to be had and in the long run, you can still save while giving your family the best experiences.

  • Ankit Agarwal

    Well put Simon! While I am a bachelor still one of the things I have tried to internalize by reading sites like yours, retireby40 etc. is keeping a keen eye on the future and budgeting is crucial. I hope I am able to follow the tips i learn now and keep my family involved in budgeting

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