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Four things you should consider before deciding on a business name

In a commercial environment more cut throat than at any point in financial history it’s imperative your business does whatever it can to stand out against the seemingly endless sea of competitors. Your first major decision that can have a serious impact on the success of your product or service is in the branding of your business concept by choosing a business name. Such an important decision warrants a considerable time investment to ensure the optimal decision is made in the end. Read the tips provided below by the folks at wongabusiness to become more informed about some of the things you must consider if you want your business name to be a long term success.

Choosing A Business Name Tip 1: Does it help identify your product or service?

Ideally you want your business name to be relevant to what you’re offering people. Is the name directly derived from something recognisable about your business niche? For example ‘John Smith Ironmongery’ provides an immediate identification of both the business owner as well as the service being provided. This is significantly more useful than opting for an obscure name that doesn’t communicate any of this information. Think simple and useful.

Choosing A Business Name Tip 2:Is it memorable?

If people see your business name on a billboard, business card or television advert are they likely to remember it a day later? While this can be difficult to judge you can actually test the staying power of certain brand names if you are prepared to pay for the active audience testing. There are also some fundamental concepts you can integrate into the naming process that can help people recall the name easier – these include; choosing a name that can be easily linked to a clear visual reference (your logo) and opting for a name that is derived directly from the consumers need, for example – Call your window cleaning service in New York ‘New York Window Cleaning’ Even if people are not aware of your existence your name will be the first result they come across because you are offering exactly what they need in your name.

Choosing A Business Name Tip 3:Will people be able to spell and pronounce it?

This follows on from the previous tip. A memorable name is quite useless if people cannot follow this up by typing your business name into an internet search engine because it is too complex to spell or by recommending the name to their friend because they’re unable to pronounce an unfamiliar sounding word. Exotic or foreign words in your business title run the risk of alienating your local consumer base while using a domestic brand name that incorporates a local colloquialism can give your business an edge over other competitors.

Choosing A Business Name Tip 4:Are the top level website domains available for the name?

This point is more important that ever before because in this day and age the majority of your potential customers will probably be looking for you over the internet. By ensuring your chosen name has an available .com or .co.uk domain for sale you are giving your business the best chance at obtaining a high ranking website in the search engine results.

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