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Legitimate Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Does your credit score needs a little nudge to improve? Building a good credit score takes time, dedication and good techniques. If you need more than a just little nudge because of bad credits this could be disheartening to hear but it does not mean you are out of options. It is true that paying your bills on time can help push you towards your goal but do you know that there are legitimate ways to improve your score?


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Piggyback. As the name implies you ride on the high credit score of a family member by adding you as an authorized user of their credit cards. Their strong credit history will certainly rub you the right way. Word of caution though never piggyback using a stranger’s account to boost your credit score.


Error correction. A research study shows that 79% of credit reports contained a mistake or several mistakes. If you can provide for legitimate documentation then you get a quick recalculation of your score within 72 hours! Keeping all of these in mind, check on your credit score regularly.


Sign up for automatic payments. If being forgetful or being super busy is your traits then this is the solution. You can request for this to coincide with your pay check.

• Beware of credit cards or credit lines that you don’t use since you run the risk of overextending your credit


• Write a letter that explains your present economic situation. Instead of making your creditors guess what is the real reason for your late payments or missed payments they will not have a clearer view of your financial situation. Knowing this, your creditor may be more amenable to make a compromise agreement with you.


• Do not make charges close to your credit limit each month since this can damage your score without you knowing it. The solution is to pay your bills in two instalments: once before your statement reaches its closing date and the other one after that. Paying this nearly maxed out credit card first before the other credit cards will help to stabilize your credit scores.


• Mixture of different types of credit like personal loan, car loans and much more can lift your score in some cases.


Your credit score is checked every time you apply for credit, apply for a job that requires you to handles finances or apply for a more exclusive apartment. Credit scores that are from 720 points and above can give you the best interest rates. This three digit number is what gives your lender an idea of how you are likely or unlikely that you will pay your bills, to put it another way your credit reputation. You do not need to work hard to reinvent yourself financially all you have to do is to be a reliable lender.


This article was written by Easybadcreditrepair.com which specializes on helping people fix their credit and repair their credit back to a good standing.

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